If you're like most people in Sales, Marketing and IT, you've heard a lot about Big Data lately. Like any tech trends, it's sometimes hard to sift through the noise  to know what it all means to you and your organization. Savvior's deep into Big Data, and can help you sort through the clutter to know how to actionably improve your business by access to, and doing more with, Big Data. 
As far as Big Data trends, you'll see large enterprises adopt big data and predictive analytic technologies first. We're already seeing this with many of Savvior's large, global clients. Small and medium businesses are also getting on board.  
Marketing spend is becoming more precise thanks to Big Data, which is a huge step in the right direction towards ROI and improving tactical marketing strategies.  Sales people are also using Big Data in new ways, to more effectively target high-value prospects.  Mick Hollison's great article in Inc. offers some great perspective on Big Data's impact on businesses.
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