With Chief Marketing Officers taking on more responsibility for technology decisions, CMOs and CIOs need to be aligned and work more closely to hit business goals. 

We at Savvior are paying a lot of attention to this, and using our tools and experience to build bridges between these groups. 

Insights survey of more than 400 senior marketing executives and 250 senior IT executives across 10 countries. Based on their responses, five imperatives emerge to build trust and improve alignment between the CMO and CIO functions:

1. Identify the CMO as the chief experience officer (CXO).
2. Accept IT as a strategic partner with marketing, not just as a platform provider.
3. Agree on key business levers for marketing and IT alignment, such as access to customer data vs. privacy and security.
4. Change the skill mix to ensure that both organizations are more
marketing- and tech-savvy.
5. Develop trust by doing just that—trusting. Read more in this Accenture report: 

Download the PDF from Accenture Interactive to learn more