Introducing SavviDocs™! The new dynamic way to create presentations documents, collateral, RFPs, digital signage and more!

One of the biggest barriers to organizations of all sizes, industries and verticals is the time and cost involved with closing sales deals. It’s an age-old challenge.

Preparing proposals and sending sales collateral, white papers, and product information sheets to prospective clients is time-consuming, not very personalized, and often produces weak submissions which don’t win the business. The typical salesperson spends hours aggregating product/service information, drafting proposals, and trying to pull the latest-and-greatest information to send over to their prospective client.

It’s tough to demonstrate true understanding of clients’ problems, and showcase the value they bring as partners, when getting this important information into prospects’ hands is so time-consuming and hard to find. It takes more than hustle and knowing the space. Everyone wants to close more business and leverage the strength of the brand. 

That’s why we’ve created SavviDocs™, which changes how documents are created, modified and submitted in a dynamic, secure environment.  Check out the SavviDocs Video.  

SavviDocs will also be fully integrated with leading CRM packages like Salesforce, Hubspot, and SavviCRM, and is particularly powerful for industries that have fast-moving and changing data. Want to learn more? email us at