Not surprisingly, CMOs are uneasy with the changing dynamics and make-up of the Chief Marketing Officer role. The move towards needing a better understanding of consumer data and having quantitative skills is having a big change on brands and their agency partners too.

Traditional creative digital and PR Agencies aren’t really equipped to interpret the growing volume of consumer analytics data, nor guide the CMO as to the best marketing decisions nor technical deployments which can advance the brands goals.  So where’s a CMO to turn for this help?

Enter Savvior. We’ve been a great collaborative partner to agencies for over 20 years, helping create tactical solutions through software, which serve the business, and advance the progress CMOs have with their brands.  We provide a bridge from the CIO to the CMO, and know how to not only get access to data, but do more with it to solve business problems.

Savvior can help you get there. Reach out to us to learn more: