More information continues to pour out about the shift in tech purchasing decisions from IT to marketing/business units, but what’s not quite as obvious is how to navigate this landscape. How do you close the gap between sales/marketing and IT?

It's critical to protect the technology infrastructure of a company, while achieving measurable returns and results on implementing new technologies which help advance the business's sales and marketing efforts.

CMOs are working hard to stay ahead of the latest changes in digital marketing. Heads of sales seek new ways of reaching and closing clients. On the other side, the CIO and his/her team working feverishly to protect legacy systems, security and a myriad of other challenges.

With business units gaining new influence on technology spend decisions, it’s more critical than ever to understand the ramifications these decisions have, and make wise ones.

To really advance the business, you need partners who understand and live the challenges of the chief sales and marketing execs, but also understand the delicate balance in creating/implementing tactical solutions which integrate nicely with the existing technology stacks.

For 20 years, Savvior has been creating tactical business solutions which help our clients engage, connect and accelerate. We walk in the shoes of the CMO, and the CIO. Our tools and experience can help your organization achieve measureable results and integrate flawlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Whether it’s creating an iPad® app that helps your field engineers better connect with the home office, creating a seamless network of internet, intranet, and extranet sites, or providing powerful tools like SavviCMS™, our content management platform which handles all major web needs, or SavviCRM™, one of the most elegant, easiest-to-use customer relationship management tools on the market, we create solutions with speed and performance in mind. 

Want to learn more and close the gap?