It may seem like a daunting task for CMOs to truly take command of Big Data, but they key is to attack it in manageable chunks.

The overall goal is to drive technologies which are customer-centric, integrate the brand with big data, and take advantage of third-party data and the various media to reach customers. The key to starting, is prioritizing the objectives. This solid piece in Ad Age defines the charter clearly, advising a top-down business objective review which will leverage the aforementioned areas.

New trends including social listening offer a richer perspective into how to shape your brand.

Our focus at Savvior is helping the world’s leading companies, organizations, and emerging startups do more with your brand, through data integration, new ways of reaching customers via technology, and speeding the process of doing more with data.

Our SavviTrack™ process is the perfect first step in analyzing and prioritizing your business objectives, which lead into our recommendations for technologies and pathways which help CMOs take command of Big Data. Reach out to us to learn more.