Founded by medical needs to follow a gluten-free diet and a shared passion for great tasting beer by two life-long friends, Aurochs Brewing Company was born in 2012.

Doug Foster and Ryan Bove knew that they needed great tasting gluten-free beer, and a light bulb came on when they recognized that the world needed it too! Working to raise startup funding from Carnegie Mellon University, local incubators, and accredited angel investment from groups including Pittsburgh area’s BlueTree Allied Angels, Doug and Ryan have had quite a journey. 

They’ve encountered and addressed pretty major challenges in the company’s infancy, including moving from an initial location, too small to support the ongoing need, to a larger facility, licensing delays, and seeing demand outpace initial supply. Never wavering from their dedication to top-quality, the team tests all ingredients such as millet and quinoa, malted at a dedicated gluten-free Colorado malt house. Aurochs works tirelessly to perfect the brewing process on a seven-barrel system.  

Aurochs learned of Savvior’s excellent track record helping global corporations solve major business challenges, and helping early-stage companies like Aurochs make the crucial technology stack decisions for scalability. Recognizing that brewing great beer is only part of the effort required to build a great business, Aurochs teamed up with Savvior early in the process to explore how the web, marketing and technology and would impact Aurochs Brewing.

The team sat down to go through Savvior’s SavviTrack™ Discovery Process, and explore how the web, blogs, and social media would play into brand awareness, getting products introduced to market, and cultivating a passionate following. 

One of the key themes that emerged was the importance of authentic, high-quality, and ongoing content created and distributed by the Aurochs team. Building the type of personal brand connection with the target demographic is very important for the company to build and maintain the types of long-term Aurochs fans that will help the company scale and achieve market leading status.  Another key theme is being able to encourage and iteratively develop future product offerings based on two-way conversations with the consumer.

With these important considerations in mind, Aurochs new website launched this week by Savvior, is a testament to each, and features a clean, elegant user experience separating Aurochs from other competitors in the space. Powering the Aurochs site is Savvior’s rock-solid content management system, SavviCMS™. Advanced SEO, lightning-quick page loads, not relying on plugins, and robust functionality are just a few reasons why the Aurochs team will be able to rely on the platform to serve customers.

SavviCMS™ also eliminates the need for HTML editors, and is designed intuitively, for use by even the least-technical employees.  Safe and secure workflow ensures only authorized users are able to edit the system, which makes great use of the company’s employees’ time.

The platform is ideal for Aurochs today, and in future iterations of the company when deeper data integration needs come into play. Mail Chimp will be used to manage the newsletter, and Savvior created a slick social media board connected into Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.     

Commenting on the launch, Aurochs co-founder Doug Foster remarked, “We’ve launched, we’re live, and we love it! The Savvior team was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout this entire process. The site and framework are perfect for Aurochs and most importantly, for our customers. These guys listened to our needs, and helped us prepare for issues we might not anticipate on our own. We had the confidence with them as a partner to focus our energies on other major key areas of our operations while they built a great site. Thumbs up!” 

"It's always fantastic to work with people so dedicated to an important mission and to quality," noted Savvior Vice President Christopher R. Evans, "The Aurochs team has a fantastic opportunity to change the way the world drinks gluten-free beer. It's important to our team to help them make the right decisions for the company today, and for their longer-term goals and needs. We're thrilled with how the site turned out, and look forward to celebrating with the team at their brewery!"

The Aurochs site will help the company cultivate and maintain a great brand presence, and grow into national exposure with an eye on continual consumer engagement.