If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know Savvior focuses on providing bridges between the marketing/business unit functions and the technology arm of industry leading companies and emerging-market startups, through our products, frameworks, services and experience.

Today, we wanted to share a look-ahead at where Marketing’s heading in the next few years. Fool be the prognosticator who thinks he or she has it all figured out, and we certainly don’t, but we are watching the trends closely, and building products and frameworks which are staying ahead of the current trends. We're here to help your business adjust to the changing landscape, and capitalize on opportunities which drive the business forward.

In this solid article by Jeff Beer in Fast Company, featuring insight from leading CMOs and brand heads, some pretty established trends are reinforced, like the growth of mobile and its impact on brands, video and virtual reality, the shift to messaging responsive to culture more than traditional ad campaigns, and more. There are some pretty exciting new insights around how the product development cycle is dramatically getting shorter, the incredible role new technologies are playing in shaping marketing (for example, marketing channels being accessed by APIs) and being truly interwoven into EVERY aspect of marketing strategy, and the imperative of ‘direct conversations’ with the consumer.

It’s pretty fascinating stuff. Pretty scary too, because it’s evident marketing is going to continue to be more complex. The good news is, your friends at Savvior are on top of these trends, helping speak directly and clearly to the CMOs and Marketing Departments out there, to gain clarity and focus on their unique business challenges, and how to maximize the opportunities by building and integrating technologies and frameworks which help advance the business.  

We’d love to be part of your journey, so reach out to us today, if you’re looking for ways to navigate the changing landscape of marketing.